How to get sms alert of new mail at

What you need:

1. Configure the Google Calendar
For sending SMS will use Google Calendar. Therefore, it must first be configured.
We go in the Google Calendar and in the upper right hand corner click on the Settings.
Then select Calendar Settings. Now go to the tab Mobile Setup.
Enter your mobile number in international format and click Send Verification Code (if your operator is not in the list of supported, it does not mean that Google does not work with your operator).
It shall immediately arrive from Google SMS with numbers.
Enter the numbers in the Verification code and click Finish setup.
After that, you should see a green sign Phone number successfully validated.
Click the Save button at the bottom.

2. Register in Google App Engine
Open the Google App Engine and enter your email and password.

Press the button Create Application.
If you visit for the first time, you have to enter your mobile number, press the Send button and enter the the numbers from the SMS sent from Google.

Now we need to come up with any name for your application that is available. Here, the application name will app7777777. Enter it in the Application Identifier and click on the button at the bottom of Create Application.

After that, you should see the inscription Application Registered Successfully. Hence, the application is created.
If not appear, try to come up with a different name for the application.
In the future, wherever in the text name will be used app7777777, you should substitute the name of your application.

3. Download the application code
Download the application code
Extract the files, for example, in the folder C:\Downloads
Now rename the folder C:\Downloads\mail2sms in C:\Downloads\app7777777

Let's go to the folder app7777777 and find their file app.yaml. Open this file in any text editor such as Notepad.

In the first line in the file, replace mail2sms to app7777777 and save the file.

4. Download and install Python and SDK
Download Python and install it.
Now, download the SDK Google App Engine and install it.
After installing the SDK on your desktop you should see a shortcut Google App Engine Launcher.

5. Deploy the application in
Start on the desktop Google App Engine Launcher (if not run, delete the file C:\Documents and Settings\ USER_NAME \Google\google_appengine_projects.ini).
Select the menu File / Add Existing Application ...
Click on the button Browse...  and specify the folder with the application.
Click Ok and then click Add.
Now we have the application to deploy.

Click with the mouse on the application from the list and click on the button in the toolbar Deploy.

In the window that appears, specify your email and password. Press the button Ok.

We are waiting until the bar appears Process exited with code 0.

Hence, application uploaded successfully.
You can now close Google App Engine Launcher.

6. Configure the application
Open the web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer) and go to a page with our application.
In our case it is
Go in application settings by clicking on the Settings.

Enter your email and password as shown below.
Also set the checkbox on an Email 1 and Enable SMS.
Click the Save button at the bottom.

Now you can check. Send a letter to your email and wait. SMS comes through 1-2 minutes after receiving the letter.

In order to properly working a night mode (in this mode, SMS does not come at night), you must correctly specify your time zone. For Washington -5 in winter and -4 in summer, for London 0 in winter and +1 in summer.

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  1. It's a great article.indeed their is a lot to learn from this blog.however deployment is discussed only
    for windows but in case of Linux i followed same
    procedure and voilla i succeeded.
    Once again Thanks :)

  2. Thanks, I am using this tutorial over than a four months, and untill it happened that the notification through sms stopped suddenly twice. First it was before one month, and it started after one week, and now again it is stopped. Is it possible that Google has some limitation of the the number of sms's which can be send in one month?

    Thanks in advance, Vlada :D

    1. Yes, it happens in different countries with different frequencies. Therefore, we can assume that this is something Google is constantly reviewed.

  3. Gmail blocks this app or I don't know what happens. In log i see "I can not connect to" and I've receive message on gmail "Suspicious try to connect to your account" or something like. What did I do wrong?

  4. It's great article, I already installed it to my cell phone half an year ago.
    I have a smart phone now, so I don't need email notification any more, I want to know how could I cancel the notification?
    Thank you a lot!

  5. Hi. Its really a nice post, the content of this blog is really awesome and extraordinary. waiting for other interesting posts at a time when that will come.
    From bvba Woodstone

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